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GrooveMaster Adjustable Golf Club Groove Sharpener with Rubber Grip & 6 Cutter Carbide Steel Head

$ 24.95 $ 27.95
    GrooveMaster Adjustable Golf Club Groove Sharpener with Large Rubber Grip and 6 Cutter Carbide Steel Head + Printed Full Color User Operations Manual in Booklet Form
    • NEW ADJUSTABLE LENGTH DESIGN  The GrooveMaster gives you 8 different options for setting the handle length, providing you with unprecedented comfort and ease of use. Simply press with your thumb to extend or retract the handle to instantly find the handle length that YOU desire.
    • SUPER COMFORTABLE MAN-SIZED RUBBER GRIP. Gone are the days when your hand ached after only a few minutes re-grooving your irons. Clean, re-groove and restore your irons in half the time it takes with most of the existing groove sharpeners that either too small or too uncomfortable to use effectively.
    • MEASURING A HARDNESS OF 65 ON THE ROCKWELL SCALE, this premium cutter head is made from high grade precision tool vacuum heat treated carbide tungsten steel and is unmatched by competing models. The head has 6 groove cutters (3 for "U" type club grooves and 3 for "V" type grooves). Fantastic results on both V and U (square) grooves for the highest spin rates possible. Precision ground and engineered to exacting tolerances to ensure that it does not compromise USGA rules regarding groove width and depth. You benefit by getting the maximum durability and re-grooving effectiveness of any groove tool on the market.
    • PERFECT FOR ADAMS, CALLAWAY, COBRA, CLEVELAND, NIKE, PING, TAYLORMADE, TITLEIST, WILSON, and other iron brands, including pitching, sand, lob, approach, gap wedges and other utility clubs. Also makes the perfect gift for any golf fanatic. Our most advanced model yet, this new high tech design defines a new class in re-grooving tools.
    • PACKAGED IN CLEAR PLASTIC SAFETY TUBE FOR EASY STORAGE. Includes long chain for easy attachment to your golf bag in those cases where you want to take the tool with you on the course. Ships inside protective foam bag for ultimate protection in golf accessories.
    • Comprehensive 12 page Full Color USER OPERATIONS MANUAL in printed booklet form. Also available for download at
    • UPC/EAN 0820103462396
    • Global Catalog ID 538ACFA144AC3B1A
    • Manufacturer Part # SGP-Groove-02

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