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Titleist Pro V1® Mint Refinished Official Golf Balls, 12-Pack

$ 21.95 $ 29.95

  • Refinished to mint condition for excellent play and great affordability; appearance & feel is similar to a new golf ball
  • This golf ball has been hit just a few times and will show very little or no wear; will retain the original color and luster
  • May include player markings, team and corporate logos

You pull out a brand new ball from the glossy sleeve you just purchased at the clubhouse. The $4 you spent for this ball keeps popping into your head as you tee it up. Water to the left, forest to the right, bright blue sky… $4! Off it flies. Plop. There goes another $4.

Now, imagine that same scenario, but instead of the ball costing you $4 it only cost you $2. Feeling better now?

Our official refinished golf balls are reconditioned using a modern factory process. This process does not affect the performance of the golf ball, but brings their cosmetics and performance up to a level where they appear and behave comparable to new golf balls.

  Why Used? Golf ball manufacturing has experienced massive technological advances over the last decade. For example, golf balls used to lose compression and distance after exposure to extreme heat or being submerged in water. But no more. Solid core golf balls, with their durability and consistency, are the norm. As a result, the market for recycled golf balls has exploded. Think about this fact...all golf balls are used after just one hit!

  Recycled Golf Balls - just OK All golf balls are retrieved from golf courses across the nation. Environmentally friendly cleaning systems wash each golf ball without damage to its original condition. Once cleaned, these balls are separated by make, model, and condition. The condition of each ball then determines its grade (rating) as a recycled golf ball.

  Refinished Golf Balls - the ONLY Choice! Refinished golf balls are superior to recycled balls. This is because refinished golf balls are cosmetically enhanced to mimic the look and feel of a brand new ball. First, the ball's original paint and finish is stripped. Then primed and painted. Then printing and clear coating are performed, similar to the way a new golf ball would be manufactured. This eliminates cosmetic blemishes, while the integrity of the ball is maintained. Finally, every refinished golf ball is inspected for quality and consistency before being packaged

Did you know...

"Refinished golf balls have been formally accepted by the USGA. Rule 5-1/4 of the USGA rule"?

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